Interior Doors

6-panel doors

We stock 6 panel primed masonite door with flatvjambs to accommodate a 2×4 wall.


Special Order Masonite Doors

Masonite Doors

We can special order 4 styles of masonite hollow core doors:

  • 5 panel
  • 2 panel arch top
  • 2 panel square top
  • 2 panel arch top(beaded)

These doors come with standard split jambs and 356 casing.

Pine Doors

These doors come with standard flat grade jambs and no casing.

Two Panel Arch Top Pine

Pine Door Arch Top

Exterior Doors

We have one of the largest inventories of doors in North Alabama.

We have one of the largest inventories of doors in North Alabama.  Several of our stock selections are shown below. 

We keep a constant inventory of 6 panel, half glass, full glass and full glass French.  We also keep several styles of decorative entrance doors such as craftsman wood, fiberglass and metal with black/silver caning in both single doors as well as single doors with sidelights. 

Since we are a discount building material store, our inventory is constantly changing so stop by often to see what is new.

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Exterior Doors

French Doors

Exterior Door with Grill

Exterior Door Glass Insert

Exterior Door Glass Header